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How to Light a Cigar Perfectly Every Time

by Athisham Ulhaq October 21, 2022

 An aromatic cigar is one of the more enjoyable pleasures in life, but few people know how to light a cigar perfectly every time.

With just a few simple steps, however, you can have the perfect light each time, making your smoke even more enjoyable.

Here is how to light a cigar perfectly every time.

Choose an Appropriate Cigar

The first step is choosing the right cigar. There are many different types of cigars, each with its flavor profile.

Popular cigar brands include Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo Y Julieta, and Partagas.

These types of cigars typically have more flavor complexity than other cigars, such as Macanudo or Davidoff.

They also tend to be stronger in taste and impact the palate.

Cutting the Cigar

The first thing all cigar smokers need to do is cut the head of the cigar. Make sure not to cut too much or too little off.

To learn more about how to cut the cigar, read this blog:

Lighting Method #1 - The Torch

The torch lighter is the most popular way of lighting a cigar.

The butane lighter or other cigar lighters are also the most common ones you will see in movies and television shows, making it one of the easiest for anyone who wants to give smoking cigars a try.

The lighting process is simple:

  1. Start by cutting the cigar with your cigar cutter.
  2. Then, properly light one end of the cigar with your zippo lighters. Be sure not to burn the wrapper.
  3. Once the tobacco starts burning evenly, gently blow on it lightly and rotate it with your fingers until it becomes fully lit.
  4. Then repeat the process on the other end of the cigar to make sure it lights evenly.

You should now be able to have a good cigar smoking experience without any interruption!

Lighting Method #2 - Igniting with an Open Flame (Match)

Lighting your cigar with an open flame is a popular option because it is quick and easy. But there are necessary safety precautions you should take before you light up.

  1. Always use wooden cigar matches, not paper ones! The chemicals in the paper will transfer onto the cigar and leave bad flavors in the smoke.
  2. Hold the match about an inch away from the end of your cigar's foot.

If you hold it too close, the result will be uneven burn and bad taste; if you hold it too far away, you will not have a properly lit cigar because of insufficient and not equally heated.

  1. Let the wooden matches do their work. Don't blow out or put out the flame!

It only takes seconds for a hot enough flame to touch the tobacco and light cigars.

  1. Ensure that the whole cigar's tip is evenly lit so none are burned more than others.
  2. When you start cigar smoking, pay attention to any changes in flavor, this could indicate that one side has been burning too long.
  3. Stop drawing on the stick for 5-10 seconds until you burn evenly again.
  4. Be mindful when handling your lit match to avoid burning yourself (or anything else).

Lighting Method #3 - Improvised Methods

If you have run out of lighter fluid, or if you do not have access to anything else, then you can improvise to light a cigar.

Candles and oil lamps are two improvised ways that might work in a pinch.

  • The candle method is as follows: Hold the unlit end of it next to the wick of the candle for several seconds.

You will know when it is ready because there will be a small flame at the lit end of the burning cigar.

Then use this flame to light your cigar.

  • The oil lamp method is similar: fill up your lamp with oil and wait until it has been burning for a while before lighting your cigar with it as you did with the candles!

These evenly lit methods take longer than just using a traditional lighter; they should do the trick in an emergency.

Take your Time Lighting

Lighting your cigar is one of the essential steps in smoking it.

An ill-tipped cigar will make for an unpleasant smoke and can lead to some pretty messy situations.

For this reason, you must take your time when lighting up so as not to set yourself or anyone else on fire.

When Do I Have to Relight the Cigar?

Now you know how to light a cigar but what about relighting the cigar?

The question of when you have to re-light the cigar is up for debate. Some believe you cannot go wrong once you light the cigar and take two puffs. Others say you should light your cigar every 15-20 minutes, as it will burn more evenly.

The most important thing is ensuring your cigar is always burning well and not going out.

So, relight the cigar if it is needed. Otherwise, enjoy your cigar without relighting it!


I hope this guide helped you avoid the pitfalls of lighting your cigar. It is not complicated, but it can be easy to make mistakes.

Don't let the fear of setting yourself on fire keep you from enjoying that perfect smoke.