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A Surefire Way to Cut a Cigar When You Don't Have a Cigar Cutter

by Chris Bajda September 09, 2022

If you smoke cigars, you are probably familiar with the problem of not having a cigar cutter on hand when you want to enjoy one.

If you have this problem, we have got the solution for how to cut a cigar without a cutter.

It is simple, it only takes five seconds, and all you need is the cigar itself!

Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter


Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter

It is not difficult to cut a cigar without a cutter. With these four methods, you can cut a cigar without a cutter in no time!


1. A Pocket Knife

The easiest way I have found is to use a Pocket Knife to cut a cigar without a cutter. It is best not to use anything too fancy because your cigar might slide off, and you will have to repeat the process.

Plus, this method has the bonus that you do not need fancy tools for putting out your cigar.

All you need is the knife itself, sharpened, of course!

  1. Take your knife in one hand and place it on top of the cigar, so it sticks into the end, with about an inch sticking out from underneath.
  2. Hold it firmly while using your other hand to pinch the sides or cap of the cigar where it meets with the tobacco leaf at both ends until they are touching together as much as possible.
  3. Take a deep breath and blow through one side while holding onto both ends (the more pressure you apply here, the better). As soon as you blow through enough air to reach that point where it starts getting difficult to breathe in, close up either sides (or caps) tightly by pressing them together so that no air can escape.
  4. You should be able to see smoke coming out of the cut-off end of the cigar now. You may want to give it another puff or two to ensure all the smoke comes out before opening up the two ends again and taking a look inside to ensure no lingering pieces are left behind.

Congratulations! You did it without fancy equipment, and hopefully, you did not inhale some potentially hazardous particles along with all that smoke!


2. A Pointed Tool

Knowing how to cut a cigar without a cutter is essential if you find yourself without one or your clipper is broken.

You may have heard of using saliva, ice, matches, or even using your teeth. Some people think it is gross and dirty, while others say it tastes like the mouth of an ashtray.

Whatever the case may be, here is the pointed tool for cutting that cigar without cutting it in style. -This will eliminate all the excess smoke and requires no materials.

  1. Find something pointy, such as a pen cap or screwdriver.
  2. Stick it into the end of the cigar about 1/2 inch deep until you hit some tobacco leaf material, then rotate it inside.
  3. Take your time to ensure you do not break off the other end.
  4. Remove the tool from the cigar with great care and place the blunt tip of it under a nearby ashtray for safety reasons.
  5. Now blow air onto the spot where you had pierced the cigar until no more smoke is coming out. The flame should go out due to lack of oxygen, but keep blowing, just in case.
  6. Afterward, use your fingers to pinch the top closed, so it does not burn again.
  7. Finally, remove the cigar from its wrapper and discard everything.

Your cigar has been cut with grace!


3. Your Fingernail

Some people prefer not to carry around a cigar cutter, and many do not even use one when they smoke. But there is an easy way to cut a cigar without needing any tool.

All you have to do is find your nail and dip it in the wine. Make sure that you remove all of the dirt from your nail first.

Do you want the whole cigar but do not have a cutter handy? Here is an easy, fail-proof way to cut the cigar without a cigar cutter.

  1. If you use your thumb and index finger from your non-dominant hand (the opposite of what you write with), wrap it around the middle of the cigar.
  2. Now pinch it between those two fingers, then give it a quick pull up and back. It should create enough suction for most cigars and shatter or peel off tobacco leaves.
  3. To add more suction, place your mouth over the top of the wrapper and blow through it. You will know when you are done because the cigar will be completely spent, and ashes will blacken the end.

And voila! You can throw away this now finished stogie knowing that no one can say they were cut short on their enjoyment!


4. Use Your Teeth

There are some cases when you do not have an old school cigar cutter, and you are in desperate need of a way to cut your cigar.

Luckily, there is a surefire way to go about it. Like most things, the power is in your mouth.

  1. Give the cigar one hard bite on the body, and you will notice how all the tobacco will fly out of the head.
  2. After that, it is only a matter of pulling out any remaining tobacco with your fingers before crushing it underfoot.

Voila! You now have a ready-to-smoke stogie without wasting time or materials.

It might not be as elegant as using a quality cutter, but this is worth knowing for those moments when you cannot find one!



So remember, there is always another way to cut a cigar without a cutter. Whether you are out on the town or hosting at home, this is the perfect trick for all cigar lovers.

Give these methods a try and see which one you like best! You will be glad you took the time when you are outside with friends.


What Do You Use When There Is No Cigar Cutter?

When there is no cigar cutter, you can use the edge of your thumb or the base of your fingers. We recommend you not use anything with pointed edges as it can damage the cigar wrapper. Do not rotate your thumb or fingers when applying pressure, as this will cause it to break and release more tar.


How Do You Cut Cigars?

There are plenty of ways to put out a cigar, but the most common is snipping off the head. (If you are at home, use scissors.) Alternatively, you can use your thumb and press it against the unlit end as you draw on the cigar. When your puff is over, stop pulling on it and let go of it.


Is it Safe to Cut a Cigar with Your Teeth?

Yes, it is. Many cigar smokers find that cutting the cigar with their teeth is more convenient and quicker than using a cutter. This option is good for those on the go who do not have time to fetch their tools.