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18 Stunning Travel Humidors for Your Next Adventure

by Athisham Ulhaq September 19, 2022

Do you love taking cigars on the go? If so, its important to have a great travel humidor that will keep your stogies safe. But with so many options it's not easy choosing the best one.  

Below are the 18 best travel humidors to keep your cigars safe while you are on the go: 

1. Cedar Wood Travel Humidor

This luxurious Cedar Wood Travel Humidor is made of all-natural cedar wood and has a spacious interior that can hold up to four cigars. It comes with a flame lighter and a cutter.

Plus, these travel humidors have a zip closure so that they will not come open in your luggage.

2. Camouflage Exterior

Whether you are on a business trip or travelling in your leisure time, there is nothing more disappointing than discovering that your favourite cigar has gone stale due to an improper cigar humidor.

With this in mind, I have put Camouflage Exterior on the cigar humidors list, making it easy to choose for you and keep your cigars fresh.

3. Elevate Travel Carrying Case

What do you need to go on an adventure? A destination, a passport and a nice travel humidor!

The Elevate is filled with gorgeous cigar and tobacco travel humidors so you can explore the world from your living room.

Plus, this Elevate Travel Carrying Case is durable and crushproof.

4. Scotte Cigar humidor

This affordable Scotte Travel Humidor has a cedar wood compartment with a humidification system perfectly designed to safely store up to twelve cigars, perfect for a weekend getaway or a week on the road.

Not only is it water and air-tight, but its premium leather exterior makes quite the elegant statement in any setting.

5. CIGARLOONG Cigar Humidor

For cigar lovers, protecting your cigar collection while travelling is a challenge.

With this CIGARLOONG Cigar Humidor, you will be able to relax with a nice smoke without worrying about damage to your precious cigars.

Plus, these cigar accessories have a double layer, so you can easily store up to 10 cigars at a time and keep cigars fresh.

6. Gudamaye Cigar Case

You will want to invest in a solid, leather exterior cigar humidor case that is stylish and rugged enough to keep cigars fresh, and withstand those bumps and drops along the way.

Check out this Cigar Case from Gudamaye. They do not mess around with their products.

7. TISFA Cigar Travel Humidor

You have done a lot of traveling throughout your life, but you never had a cigar humidor that was explicitly designed to handle all those miles and changes in weather.

TISFA is one such travel humidor that provides you with the best cigar travel humidors on the market and includes features that make it incredibly easy to use.

8. Prestige Travel Humidor

The Prestige cigar humidors are designed to make sure your cigars stay fresh no matter where you are.

Equipped with leather straps, this Prestige Travel Humidor ensures that nothing will pop open while you are on the go.

9. AMANCY Portable Humidor

A business trip is an opportunity to get away from it all and escape. So, with that in mind, take some time before you head out on the road to pick up a few extras so you can travel with style and without worry.

That is where this Amancy Cigar Humidor comes in, making it perfect for travelling.


In most cases, a cigar must be aged to maximize its quality. For this reason, many smokers store their cigars inside a humidor designed to maintain a constant humidity level.

If you often travel and love cigars, this Humidor To Go is perfectly designed for your lifestyle.

11. AILE Cigar Stainless Steel humidor

Beautifully crafted and durable with a brushed stainless steel cigar caddy, this AILE Travel Humidor will suit your needs.

AILE brand travel humidors protect your favorite cigars from getting damaged in transit, and the premium material has added cigar preservation which helps to keep the cigars fresh.


Whether you are a cigar lover on the go or an avid traveller, finding a high-quality travel humidor can make all the difference between your trip being a pleasant experience and not enjoying any cigar time.

Luckily, Jet Set Cigar Case is perfect for travelling. They also sell cigarettes and plastic humidifier.


The Personalized Travel Humidors are perfect cigar accessories for adventurers. It is such a blessing to take these travel cigar humidors on the go.

From organizing your cigars to providing an elegant place to store your cigars, there are many benefits to owning your travel humidor!

14. Xikar Cigar Travel Humidor

This Xikar Cigar Case is one of the market's most durable and dependable models. Its patented design will keep your cigars safe at up to 40% humidity.

This travel humidor is so compact that it can fit into a standard trouser pocket while still providing enough room to carry five cigars, making it a perfect gift.

15. Perfecto XLT 8 CT Crushproof Humidor

The Perfecto XLT 8 CT Travel Humidor is designed to provide a haven for your cigars while you are on the road, ensuring they are protected from all the knocks, bumps, and other mishaps that can occur during travel.

You can purchase cigars as they also sell tobacco products.

16. PLAYWITH Acrylic Travel Cigar Humidor

They say to never put your cigar box on a warmer than 70 degrees surface.

Well, if you are constantly travelling between snow mountains and humid jungles, what are you supposed to do with your favorite cigars?

In times like these, it is worth it to invest in a PLAYWITH Travel Humidor.

17. WIAEE Cigar Case

These WIAEE Cigar Cases will be perfect for a cigar aficionado who likes to enjoy a cigar when on the go. They are durable, resistant, and stylish!

Every cigar smoker should have at least one of these beautiful products in their arsenal.

Get yours today and take your next adventure worry free!

18. Leather Cigar Jar

This beautiful Leather Cigar Jar is handmade in the U.S.A.

The perfect way to store the finest cigars while travelling and keep them fresh when not used.

The spanish cedar wood is all-natural, will not absorb any flavours, and can last up to generations with proper care.

What is a travel humidor?

A travel humidor is a handy little container that's used for storing and transporting cigars. It helps keep your cigars at the right humidity level, which keeps them fresh and delicious.  Its smaller then a standard humidor so you can take it on the go.

How do travel humidors work?

Most travel humidors have a sealed lid or closure that helps maintain a consistent humidity level inside the container. Some also have a built-in humidification system, like a humidifier pouch or gel, to help keep your cigars from drying out and maintaining their freshness and flavor.

Why should I use a travel humidor?

Using a travel humidor can help protect your cigars from damage caused by changes in humidity or temperature. That's especially important when you're on the go, since cigars can be sensitive to their environment. Plus, a travel humidor helps keep your cigars fresh and tasty, so they're ready to enjoy whenever you are.

How do I pick the right travel humidor for me?

When shopping for a travel humidor, think about the size and capacity you need, as well as the construction and materials. You should also consider the type of cigars you'll be storing, as well as the length of your trips and the environments you'll be traveling in.

Can I use a travel humidor for long-term storage?

While travel humidors are really good for short-term storage and transportation, some models might be suitable for longer-term storage. However, it's generally recommended to use a larger, more permanent humidor for long-term cigar storage.