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23+ Unique Custom Cigar Boxes to Show Off Your Smoke

by Chris Bajda November 30, 2023

Custom Cigar Boxes are the perfect way to store and display your favorite cigars.

This blog post will explore 24 custom cigar boxes that will take your smoking experience to the next level.

From unique designs to cutting-edge materials, each Cigar Humidor box will make your smokes even better!

 24 Unique Custom Cigar Boxes That Make Great Gifts

1. Custom Cigar Box 


These custom cigar boxes have a durable swing latch and a bed of wood excelsior for that super cool presentation.

This Stogie Stacker is simply perfect for your cigar lover friend. The rustic cigar box is made of birch plywood and can be custom engraved with his name.

Let him enjoy his cigars whenever and wherever carrying this cigar box that will remind him of you.

2. Leather Cigar Case Set With Lighter And Cutter


With these custom cigar boxes gift, he will always have what he needs to light up, kick back and relax.

These Leather With Lighter And Cutter are the travel custom cigar boxesthat keeps all his essential accessories "on board" and secure.

Each ostrich-style leather case includes a flip-top refillable butane torch lighter, and a guillotine cigar cutter. 

The top of these custom cigar boxes feature a black leather inlay and a brushed finished engraving plate.

This Personalized Travel Humidor will keep his cigars safe and fresh in style. He can fit up to 20 of his favorite cigars in two stacks inside this quality case.

These custom cigar boxes makes an excellent gift for the cigar smoker in your life. 

4. Personalized Cigar Humidor Set

This Personalized Cigar Humidor Set is engraved to your specifications and personalized just for your special someone!

These custom cigar boxes are a great starter pack for those interested in cigars and has the perfect combination of everything he needs. 

5. Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories

These cigar boxes have a perfect hiding spot for any bookshelf.

This Travel Cigar Case Humidor with Accessories has a removable cigar tray for extra storage humidifier and a silver hygrometer set magnetic lid closure guillotine cutter.

There is nothing like traveling while being able to carry his favorite cigars.

6. Personalized Stogie Stasher 


He will be excited to use this Stogie Stasher for years to come. The art of the cigar comes with culture and breeds an ambiance that draws men.

Treat your guy with these cigar boxes that will protect his stash of cigars, and you can be sure he will never forget you whenever he sees his box of cigars.

7. Glass Etched Humidor


This Etched Glass Humidor can hold up to 50 cigars. It properly stores and keeps cigars fresh because of the SureSeal Technology.

These personalized cigar boxes are made of Macintosh Oak with a mahogany walnut finish and a tempered beveled glass top that shows the cigars wonderfully

8. Personalized Cigar Box

This Personalized Cigar Box is a classy wood cigar gift box with personalized engraving.

It is a rustic wood box, and due to the nature of wood, the coloring, markings, knots, minor cracks, and rustic characteristics will vary and may also result in lighter and darker areas in the engraving. 

These personalized cigar boxes make a beautiful gift for the cigar lover in your life.

9. Personalized Cigar Box – Engraved


This Personalized Cigar Box is a custom engraved, rustic cigar box perfect for housing your groomsmen and best man gifts.

It is personalized with the name of your choice and is sure to be one gift you will display with pride for years to come.

Each personalized cigar travel humidor also contains a bed of wood excelsior (wood straw) which will make any gift look much better.

10. Smooth Stash

A fine cigar is one of life's most distinguished pleasures.

This Smooth Stash is essential to care for one's cigars properly. True connoisseur stores their fine cigars with the same attention given to their most valued possessions.

Give your stogie lover these personalized cigar boxes, cleanly dressed in burlwood leather, for a classic appearance that keeps up with any room decoration.

11. Four Gage

This Four Gage is a compact place to keep his precious cigars safe. This wood and genuine leather case perfectly fits the bill.

The last thing a fan wants is a dried-out cigar. This one features a strap closure to keep all his cigars fresh.

These personalized cigar boxes make a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a good cigar on special occasions.