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    Classic Man Cigar Gift Set

    How To Personalize:

    Simply enter your cigar lover's name in the personalization box that appears above the add to cart button and our team will put it on top of the humidor box.  If you do not want personalization on it you can leave that field blank.


    Name: Ralph



    • Lined with Spanish Cedar
    • Internal Locking Hinges
    • Measures 9" width x 8.5" depth x 2.25" height
    • Capacity: 20 cigars (if used as a humidor)
    • Includes humidifier


    • Windproof Torch Flame
    • Jet Blue Flame Torch Lighter
    • Needs to be filled with Butane Gas


    • Sleek Design
    • Precision Blade Allows For Even Cut


    • Ceramic
    • Cigar Rest
    • 5 Inches In Diameter


    Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our "Classic Man Cigar Gift Set." This meticulously curated ensemble features a ceramic ashtray, a precision cigar cutter, and a sleek torch lighter, all encased in a versatile black box that doubles as a cigar humidor or keepsake box. The top of the box is your canvas for personalization – a laser-engraved name transforms it into a timeless and cherished gift.

    Unveil a world of refined pleasures as the ceramic ashtray and precision cigar cutter set the stage for a perfect cigar experience. The torch lighter ensures an impeccable light, while the black box, personalized with a name of your choice, serves as a testament to the recipient's discerning taste. Elevate the cigar aficionado's ritual with the "Classic Man Cigar Gift Set" – where sophistication meets personalization for an unforgettable touch of luxury.