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    Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter

    This unique lighter not only produces a powerful flame, but also has a built-in guillotine razor blade cigar cutter on its front, capable of making an approximate 60 ring gauge cut on a cigar, making it a perfect gift for cigar lovers.

    Its double action ignition first releases the lid when you push down the lever, and then ignites the flames when pushed down again. There is also a butane fuel window to help you monitor your butane levels.


    • Approx. Dimensions: 3.15 in x 1.65 in x .65 in
    • Weight: .25 lbs
    • Triple Torch Flame Lighter
    • Gunmetal Finish with Black Details
    • Built-in Guillotine Stainless-steel Cigar Cutter - Approx. 60 Ring Gauge Cut
    • Double Action Ignition (Push the lever to release the lid and push down again to ignite flames.)
    • Butane Fuel Window
    • Ships empty of butane due to shipping regulations